7th High-Power Laser Workshop - 2019

group photo of attendees standing outside on SLAC's campus


September 26-27, 2019


SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


The 7th HPL Workshop will be held co-jointly with the general LCLS Users Meeting to discuss recent progress in the field of high-energy density physics enabled by the Matter in Extreme Conditions instrument at LCLS. During the first day of the workshop the attendees are encouraged to take part in the general LCLS Users Meeting and further have technical sessions related to LCLS-II and the MEC instrument. The second day of the workshop is dedicated to presentations of recent experimental results from MEC users during Run 17 and a poster session to encourage discussion and exchange of future ideas in our field. The goal is to discuss the scientific opportunities at the MEC instrument, propose future standard configurations, and provide time to discuss important physics proposals and experimental needs for cutting-edge high-energy density physics at LCLS. 

The workshop will provide opportunities for presentations by students and postdocs. Limited travel funds are available.

Sponsor exhibits will be on display throughout the duration of the workshop.


  • Cindy Bolme, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Gilliss Dyer, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
  • Siegfried Glenzer, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


logos of sponsors
 Redwood Rooms  
13:00MEC Tour(badge required for tour) 
14:00Gilliss DyerWelcomeSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
14:05Alan FryLaser Upgrade at MECSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
14:35Siegfried GlenzerHED Applications of bright x-ray lasersSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 
15:15 Coffee Break  
  LCLS Capabilities 
15:30Christine SweeneyComputational Automation Workshop OutbriefLos Alamos National Laboratory
15:45Andy AquilaOpportunities at the Tender X-Ray Instrument SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
16:00Arthur CampelloModeling Crossing XFEL Beam RadiationCornell University
  Hard X-Ray HED Experiments 
16:15Nicholas HartleyHED Experiments at SACLAHelmhotlz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
17:00 Participation in LCLS Users' Meeting (registration required)  
9:00 Welcome and Introduction 
9:00Chi-Chang KaoSLAC WelcomeSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
9:10Cindy BolmeWelcomeLos Alamos National Laboratory
9:15Gilliss DyerMatter in Extreme Conditions: Status and OutlookSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
10:15 Workshop Photo, Coffee Break and Vendor Exhibitions 
10:45User Discussion  
  1.  Taking full advantage of LCLS-II 
  2.  Diagnostic and detectors 
  3.  Standard configurations and laser capabilities  
  4.  Upgraded facility concept discussion  
12:15 Lunch and Vendor Exhibitions 
13:15Ulf ZastrauFirst experiments at the HED instrument at European XFELEuropean XFEL
14:00 MEC Experiments 
14:00Hiroshi SawadaFemtosecond time-resolved measurements of short-pulse laser isochoric heatingUniversity of Nevada, Reno
14:20Thomas KlugeProbing of Complex Ultra-Intense Laser-Plasma Interaction and Ionization with RCXDHelmoltz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf
14:40Richard BriggsProbing Liquid-Liquid Phase Transitions under Dynamic CompressionLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
15:00 Coffee Break and Vendor Exhibitions 
15:40Markus SchoelmerichStructure of SiO2 melts at ultrahigh pressuresEuropean XFEL
16:00Thomas PrestonMeasurement of plasmon damping and conductivity in warm dense matter at pressures exceeding 1 MbarEuropean XFEL
16:20Oliver HumphriesImaging electronic structure and valence electron rebinding in dense plasmas via resonant inelastic x-ray scatteringUniversity of Oxford
16:40Philip HartNew and Developing Detectors for HED Science at MECSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
17:00 Posters and Reception 
Poster Session
Author(s)Poster Title
Allen, CameronCollective X-ray Thomson Scattering Measurements from Beryllium Capsule Implosions at the National Ignition Facility 
Bruulsema, ColinThomson Scattering measurements of heat transport in Be ablation plasma
Chen, ZhijiangProbing the DC Electrical Conductivity of Warm Dense Gold by Continuous Multi-cycle THz Radiation 
Chou, JasonSimulation study of a hybrid (laser-RF) compact proton accelerator 
Crissman, ChristopherConverging Nozzles: Repleneshing targets with diverse material potential 
Davis, RyanNon-Adiabatic Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Warm Dense Matter
Descamps, AdrienA direct temperature measurement of resistively heated diamond using inelastic X-ray scattering
Gaus, LennartResonant small angle x-ray scattering probing ultrashot pulse high-intensity laser-solid interactions 
Grace, Elizabeth Wavelength-Multiplexed Holography for Single-Shot Spatiotemporal Simulations of NIF's Advanced Radiographic Capability (ARC) Laser
Haid, AlexGA Developments in 2 Photon Polymerization for Target Fabrication Applications 
Hartley, NicholasUltrafast Disordering in X-Ray Driven Graphite 
Kemp, AndreasGenerating keV ion distributions for nuclear reactions at near solid-density using intense short-pulse lasers
Kobs, DustinOverview of Laser Machining Capabilities at General Atomics
Kuschel, StephanControlling the self-injection threshold to separate injector and accelerator in LWFA
Li, BoyaShock Compression of Covalently Bonded Planetary Materials 
Ludwig, JoshuaShock formation in a flowing plasma interacting with crossed laser beams 
Mallon, MichaelLow temperature phonon dynamics to improve erosion modeling using the example of sputtering of titanium by Xe ions 
Mo, MianzhenUltrafast-electron-diffraction experiments reveal the elastic-plastic strain transition in dynamically compressed AI
Nakamura, KeiThe BELLA Laser Facility for Collaborative Research 
Obst-Huebl, LieselotteLaser driven nanosecond proton source for radiobiological studies
Ofori-Okai, BenjaminInvestigating the conductivity and structure of isochoric warm dense aluminum with THz spectroscopy and ultrafast electron diffraction
Oliver, MatthewExperimental observation of Ion acoustic waves in warm dense methane
Peterson, John RyanIon effect on magnetic field amplification and gamma-ray emission by relativistic streaming instabilities
Preston, ThomasThe HED instrument at the European XFEL
Righi, GaiaProbing the Strength of Iron at Ultra-High Pressures and Strain Rates
Roedel, MelanieInvestigation of nanodiamond formation in shocked plastics by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering 
Schoerner, MaximilianDFT-MD Calculation of the Dynamic Structure Factor in Warm Dense Copper
Stevenson, MichaelDiffraction Studies of Phase Transitions and Strength in Vanadium 
Weber, SebastianElectron-phonon coupling on fs-timescales in laser-excited metals
Wollenweber, LennartHigh-resolution Inelastic X-ray Scattering at the HED science instrument at European XFEL
Zhang, RuohengRefractive Index Modification of Silicon by Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Ziefuss, AnnaFragmentation of collidal gold nanoparticles with high-intensity laser pulses