Build a world-wide community of researchers interested in applying machine learning techniques to particle accelerators.

Accelerator line on a vibrant blue background, symbolizing the integration of Machine Learning for Particle Accelerators
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ACE3P CW18 Accelerator Code Workshop

ACE3P (Advanced Computational Electromagnetics 3D Parallel) is a comprehensive set of conformal, higher-order, parallel finite-element electromagnetic codes with multi-physics capabilities in integrated electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical simulation.

Technical illustration of simulated dark current in an LCLS-II cryomodule

The goal of the workshop is to discuss unresolved physics questions associated with a novel type of lepton collider, which exploits strong-field quantum effects

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With SLAC as an independent school in the Stanford academic system, the extensive research programs in the two faculties at SLAC also offer formal supervision for Stanford student theses.  SLAC Particle Physics and Astrophysics Faculty SLAC Photon Science Faculty...

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SLAC Graduate School Open House. This is part of the two day program on March/13-14 for prospective graduate students admitted to Stanford for Fall 2018. The morning programs are at Stanford campus with research introduction and student dialogue. For the...

collage of images of the accelerator
The annual DOE Accelerator Safety Workshop (ASW) will be held at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory on August 21-23, 2018. The workshop is an open forum for individuals affiliated with US or international accelerator facilities where each organization can present information/experiences...
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CW23 Accelerator Code Workshop

ACE3P is a parallel finite-element multi-physics simulation suite with integrated EM, thermal and mechanical modeling capabilities. The codes run on massively parallel computers at NERSC, allowing large scale simulations to be performed with high accuracy and faster time to solution...

displacement and stress data visualization

The Photocathode Physics for Photoinjectors (P3) workshop series was started in 2010 as a gathering of community members to share work on photocathodes. The workshop brings together a diverse group of theorists, materials scientists and condensed matter and accelerator physicists...

Golden Gate bridge with title P3 2021 bridging theory and application